Our Team


Tres (pronounced T-r-a-y) is the proud owner of Wired, her first business venture into hospitality, she has taken to it like a duck to water. With her love of good coffee and perfectionist tendencies; Wired was born. Whilst Tres is the boss; she remains at the heart of the business, talking with customers and making beautiful coffees. Quick-witted, well travelled and well read; Tres is an uber interesting person to have a chat with. Her excitement and passion about coffee, cake and customer service is second to none and what she doesn’t know about coffee isn’t worth knowing. For 20 years she worked as a psychotherapist but gave it all up to start Wired and she hasn’t looked back since.


A reformed member of the Detroit baseball skater posse, Vanessa leaves her skating days well and truly behind her. Business co-owner and wife of Tres, Vanessa’s approach to handling the coffee business is extremely hands on and full of zeal. A sales woman at heart, her CV is a glossy cornucopia of previous experience. Working at WIRED part-time, Vanessa also runs a successful Pilates business. So if you’ve got a dodgy back, ache or pain – she’ll sort you out good and proper!


Meet Ryan, a central part of the  wired Barista team.  He comes to us with a wealth of  experience behind the bar and an utter passion for all things coffee (well....except decaf!).   Loves: Reading, video games and real ale  Hates: cucumber, decaf and Crocs.  We love his tee-shirt collection and of course his mega latte art!

Our Fab Support Team

Behind every successful venture is a team of unsung heroes and wired is no exception! Our support team of part-time students work so hard behind the scenes to keep WIRED looking ship-shape. We salute you guys...  Wired needs you!!



Andrea is the impatient member of the team, she wants things done now...now...NOW!  Her favourite coffee is the WIRED machiato - which shows a perfect balnce between strength and softness - a balance she brings to her work, kitchen side!  New to Nottingham, she loves our fair city, as it reminds her of the beautiful city of Novi Sad in Serbia.